7 Things that Changed My Life in My 30s

7 Things that Changed My Life in My 30s
Photo by Jackson David / Unsplash

If I can go back in time and meet myself in 20s, these are what I will tell myself. I would have used the times spent worrying for something productive or valuable.

  1. Worry less and do more. Worrying is a waste of time. What value do you get from worrying? Afraid of failing? Well, "thinking" about failure would not make you get any better at what you are afraid of failing at. Trust me, you will regret NOT doing anything. Now in my 30s, I do not regret the things I mess up by taking action because I learn from the failures each time and do not think "what if I tried..." for many more years to come. And yes, not having taken actions in 20s is the reason I am writing this!
  2. Do what scares you. Connected to 1., it is crucial you do what scares you. Think "why" all the time. Question yourself. Most likely, being scary means we are afraid of failing at something because we desperately want it. We are afraid of the state of not having it. But that is more of a reason you should stop thinking and act. Nothing will happen if you do not act, and you increase the chance of getting what you want by acting. It is of human nature to avoid things that scares them as failure in thousands of years ago could have led to injury, starvation, and death. But in the modern society, it is more risky not to do what scares us. We need to constantly try new things, fail, learn, grow, try in a different approach, and repeat.
  3. Avoid people that bring you down. You do not have obligation to make everyone happy. Do not smile or laugh with someone that is being rude to you or trying to make fun of you. The most important person that matters in your life is you. You are the only possession you will ever have in your life. Would this not be a good enough reason to treat yourself with utmost care & affection? Also, people who look down on others is because they are not happy with themselves & are feeling inferior. They try to bring themselves up by bringing others down. It is not worth spending even a second being around them. Avoid them at all costs. Do not be infected by their negativity.
  4. Spend time with people who inspire you. Contradictory to 2., surround yourself with people who make you energised, happy, and inspired. You should also be the person that inspire and share what you know with others to attract those who are the same. Talk or follow and copy the role models if you are not able to meet them physically (just yet).
  5. Trust yourself. Listen to self-affirmation quotes every morning. Believe the choices you make everyday is the best decisions for yourself. And do not blame anyone but yourself for anything that does not turn out desirably. Keep working towards your goal and you will see that everything happened for you, not to you. You will eventually get to where you want to be if you trust yourself & visualise your dreams as if you already achieved them.
  6. Learn to love yourself. You are complete as you are. You are beautiful and smart. I got you so don't be lonely. I am always here for you and we will go through this life together. Trust me.
  7. Spend 1 Power Hour Every Morning. Use this hour to write everything that you wish to achieve. Visualise and do one simple thing you can do immediately that will bring you closer to the goals.