15 Ideas to Make You Happy When Miserable

15 Ideas to Make You Happy When Miserable
Photo by Mona Eendra / Unsplash
  1. Happy Songs. Listen to songs you like & dance like no one is there!
  2. Sugar. If you're a sweet tooth like me, go to have that dessert you've been meaning to have for ages ♡
  3. Progress. Write down 3 things that you've been putting off. Put your phone on silent mode & go through them one by one. We become happy when we make progress.
  4. Take a shower/bath. Turn on warm water and clean yourself using products with nice fragrance. Being clean & smelling nice would do wonders.
  5. Talk about it. If you want, you can talk with a friend who is supportive of whatever you do - just letting it out to someone you can trust is extremely comforting.
  6. Try a new class. Such as painting, boxing, photography...anything that you have in your bucket list. Being in a new environment and interacting with new people would shift your mood.
  7. Sleep early. Staying up until past midnight could make some people emotional.
  8. Move your body. It doesn't have to be something vigorous like running or hiking. 10 minutes of walking or yoga could make you feel better.
  9. Travel. Pick a place you've been wanting to visit & go. Same as for 6., being in a new environment will put everything in a fresh perspective. Something that has been stressing you out may turn out to be something easily solvable.
  10. Get a full body massage. You might just be too stressed out from work. Relax once in a while with a nice, full body massage.
  11. Buy new clothes. This would help lift up your mood.
  12. Get a new hair style. A fresh new look would help you feel like a different person
  13. Clean the room. Vacuum, wipe the floor and surfaces, get rid of mold & dusts.
  14. Let it go. Empty out the things you have that you do not need anymore. Throw out the ones that are too old/expired/broken and donate/give to someone of the things that are new/almost new but that does not serve you anymore.
  15. Write a gratitude journal. On a notepad, write everything that you are grateful for. It can be the eyes that allow you to read this, the safe house you are in, friends and family that love you...and so on.