5 Habits for Crystal Skin

5 Habits for Crystal Skin
Photo by Linh Ha / Unsplash

This would apply for someone with dry skin like I have

  1. Cleanse your face with water only in the morning. It is important to leave as much naturally/applied oil on your skin as much as possible. Leave your skin not completely washed of the skin care products from the night before (i.e. do not wash your face vigorously). Also, cleanse with water-based cleanser at night.
  2. Do not touch your face with your hands (before cleaning).
  3. Drink 2 - 3L of water per day. Everyone says why this is important so I will skip the reason.
  4. After washing face, apply 5 layers of toner before applying anything else. You will notice how your face is plump and hydrated after a week.
  5. Always finish with cold water when cleansing your face or having a shower. This will tighten the pores for more youthful skin.