5 Best Products for a Crystal Skin (Say Goodbye to Dry Skin)

5 Best Products for a Crystal Skin (Say Goodbye to Dry Skin)
Photo by Kelsey Curtis / Unsplash
  1. MUJI LIGHT TONING WATER HIGH MOISTURE: I found applying layers of toning water on the face after washing to be most critical step to maintaining skin moisture throughout the day. What you will need is a high moisture, value-for-money product that you can apply lots. I mean LOTS. And this product is a great choice as it is suitable for sensitive skin as well.
  2. MUJI MOISTURIZING MILK HIGH MOISTURE: After applying layers of toning water above, I use this moisturising milk for a richer layer on top.
  3. Centellian 24+ MADECA CREAM: I used to suffer from extremely dry skin and tried 50+ different face creams claiming to keep the skin moisturised for a long time. This is the cream I have used for the past 5 years and it has been the most effective product I tried so far at satisfying my thirsty skin's craving for deep moisture. It also makes my skin firmer & have a healthier-looking glow.
  4. NUXE Huile Prodigieuse, Multi-Purpose Dry Oil: I use this to create a protective "barrier" after applying everything to prevent moisture from escaping as much as possible throughout the day/night.
  5. LUSH BEAUTY SLEEP, Face and Body Mask: My recent favourite. Just after 10-15 minutes on the face, this product leaves the skin looking youthful, radiant, and moisturised. Perfect.