YUNZII KC68 Keyboard

YUNZII KC68 Keyboard
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This first mechanical keyboard I bought arrived today.

It was supposed to take about 3 weeks for the delivery but it came within 10 days. I am very happy with how adorable it looks, and how it sounds and feels when I type. I chose the mint colour one as the keyboard has both green and blue that are the colours I like the most. Perfect.

I chose the Gateron Yellow Switch as I liked how it sounded the most from the 5 different switch types the keyboard is offered in - yellow, red, brown, blue, and black. Other features of the keyboard are:

  • 68 keys layout
  • Hotswappable Gateron switch of KC68 can be replaced by other 3 pins or 5 pins hotswap switches
  • Customizable RGB LEDs, 16.8 Million Color combinations
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows
  • Connected to the computer using an USB Type-C cable

It is said your fingers will experience less fatigue even after long use. I think I will enjoy typing more from here on since it give me joy to be pressing the keys of this keyboard. The only thing is because of quick a thick case (highest point being 25mm from the surface), it would be better to get a wrist support to protect the wrists.

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For the price of 11,999 JPY, I am satisfied with what I got for now. If you are like me using keyboard for at least 8 - 10 hours per day, I would recommend considering getting a keyboard that would give you a pleasing tactile experience, like this one.

Please note: this keyboard creates quite a loud sound when typing. It may not be the best choice for taking to office where the sound may disturb colleagues around you. I personally like the clicking sound of this keyboard & work from home mainly so the loud sound is not an issue for me. (FYI, Magic Keyboard from Apple might be a better choice if you want a quiet keyboard).