Why we need to sleep 7-9 hours

Why we need to sleep 7-9 hours
Photo by Kate Stone Matheson / Unsplash

Based on the TED talk by Matt Walker, just 1 hour of deprivation of sleep can have a detrimental impact on our cardiovascular health.

For those experiencing day-light saving can have 21% increase in risk of heart attacks.

Lack of sleep = carcinogen

Short sleep = short life

How do we sleep better then?

  1. Regularity. Sleep at same time to improve quantity and quality of sleep
  2. Keep the room cool - around 18 degrees C is the optimum temperature

Sleep is not an optional lifestyle luxury. It is a non-negotiable biological necessity.

Sleep is mother nature's best effort at mortality.

It is time to reclaim our full night's sleep and without embarrassment or the unfortunate stigma of laziness. We can be reunited with the powerful elixir of life.

We cannot catch up on sleep. It does not work like debt.