Triathlon Types and Distances - feat. Kujukuri Triathlon

Triathlon Types and Distances - feat. Kujukuri Triathlon
Photo by Daniel Llorente / Unsplash

I was at Kujukuri beach today as a spectator of the Kujukuri Triathlon, also known as "99T".

By the way, Kujukuri Beach is the Japan's second longest beach. It is 60km long stretch of sandy beach on the Pacific Coast in north-east Chiba Prefecture. 九十九 or kujuku means 99, and 里 or ri is a an old unit of measurement equating to approximately 600 meters. (600 x 99 is about 60km)

Two types of Triathlon were available at "99T":

Middle Distance (Half Ironman/70.3)
• Swim 1.9KM (1.2 miles)
• Bike 90KM (56 miles)
• Run 21.1KM (13.1 miles)

Olympic Distance (Standard)
• Swim 1.5KM (.93 mile)
• Bike 40KM (25 miles)
• Run 10KM (6.2 miles)

I am currently preparing for my first ever full marathon happening on 27th of Nov. Watching the participants of the race with an excited look & proud smiles before and after completing the course made me interested about the race myself. (Because of Typhoon Nanmadol, it started pouring down with lightning strikes, and only few could finish the race as it was cancelled midway for safety of participants). I wanted to see how long each variations of triathlon is to check if it is something I would like to set as my next goal.

The easiest of the triathlon according to below table is something I can manage with some cycling training, I think. I do not own a bike, let alone a road bike, but there seems to be few places in Tokyo that I could try to rent a bike and courses that I could practice cycling at - to be listed in the next post.  

Super Sprint400m10km2.5km
Standard / Olympic1.5km40km10km
70.3 Half Ironman / Middle1.2m / 1.9km56m / 90km13.1m / 21.1km
Ironman / Full2.4m / 3.8km112m / 180km26.2m / 42.2km
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Table above is from this website

For year-round schedule of triathlons in Japan, check out the website below:

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