What I learned from 3 Months of TRX Training in Tokyo

What I learned from 3 Months of TRX Training in Tokyo
Photo by Matthew LeJune / Unsplash

TRX Training uses TRX Suspension Trainer Strap in the picture above.

It is a fitness method that challenges you with your own weight to get you stronger. All you need is the TRX strap to complete a full body workout done in your own space at home or on the go. You do not need to travel to a gym for strength trainer.

I studied and passed for the NASM certificate on Personal Training to teach full-time workers like myself at a gym. It was a pure luck that I came across TRX Training. I attended Sami's TRX Class through the free trials organised by lululemon. The active movement and energy from Sami immediately drew my attention - I signed up for 10 classes right after the class. I tend to think a lot before I make a decision so this indicates how much I enjoyed the class. It was eye-opening for me to learn about TRX training - it helped me realise there are ways I can help people become more active without necessarily going to the gym! Even more attractive fact is that with TRX you can do a full body workout anywhere. Gym is wherever you wish it to be with the trainer strap.

I absolutely love the classes, but because it takes 3 hours in total for round trip + class and for the fact the classes I can take are 6:15 - 7:00 in the morning, I have been going mostly once a week. My ultimate goal is to be a TRX trainer to teach people at Yoyogi Park. Cindy's ParkFit!

I signed up for my 1st full marathon that will be held 27th Nov this year, and I have been primarily focused on running more than strength training. But I reduced the frequency of running per week from 4 to 3, in order to fit in more TRX workout. The plan is to go to the TRX lesson once a week, practice at home twice a week (I now have a TRX strap at home!), and run 3 times a week. That leaves 1 day for active recovery.  After my marathon is done, I will be focusing fully on TRX training to master the moves.

Back to what I learned from TRX training. I find it uses more muscles, more effectively compared to when I use machines or free weights at gym. I am noticing more definition in the body, especially the core. Stronger body means my endurance level increased, which also has positive impact on my running. Practicing running regularly would be the biggest factor, but with TRX training I feel that I can run longer each week without stopping. Since I am becoming stronger with tightened core, I am ready to tackle problems at work as well. Other benefits would be a lot of sweating & burning calories. My skin is looking brighter with healthier glow, I can sleep better, and I have a great appetite.

Speaking of appetite, since the TRX workout burns a lot of calories (up to 500 calories per hour), I am always hungry and craving for sugary food afterwards. I did not limit myself from anything until 2 weeks ago. Even though I ate sweets after the class each time, my body did not seem to gain weight. But, I started to plan my meals by shifting to high-protein, lower carb, lower fat diet compared to before. The goal is to shred fat and gain muscles to have a strong and toned body by end of Nov.

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