5 Different Ways to Read: Which is the Best for You?

5 Different Ways to Read: Which is the Best for You?
Photo by Asal Lotfi / Unsplash
  1. Physical Books: Personally, this is the best method to read. I like to physically turn the pages & to highlight important messages in the book that help me absorb the information better by being able to go back to the highlighted parts after finishing the book.
  2. Phone App: Using a phone app for reading lowers the barrier to read. You will be holding your phone majority of the time during the day. So phone reading app is a great way to spend few minutes while using public transport, waiting in line at a shop, etc. Few pages read like so would accumulate in the long run.
  3. Audio Book: Great way to "read" a book while walking or when using public transport. I used to listen to Audible during my hour walk each night, which helped me read about 10 books that I have been putting off reading for months. The downside would be the information tends to be forgotten more easily than when focused on reading only. Nevertheless, it is a much productive way to use the time instead of simply walking only.
  4. Kindle: I bought a Kindle Paperwhite recently and I wish I bought this earlier. It is extremely light (205g), so there is less strain on my wrists compared to when holding up a book when reading in bed. Another great point about reading Kindle is since the device is front-lit, it directs light towards the screen not directly to the eyes. This means your eyes would be less tired reading from Kindle than reading from your phone emitting blue light. I find I can sleep better & quicker after reading Kindle compared to when I use the phone in bed.
  5. Listening to summaries in YouTube: This, of course, is not quite a "way to read a book". However, listening to quick summaries in YouTube of books you are interested in may allow you to understand the content better when you actually start reading the book. Also, you may find out some new books recommended by others may help you discover your next passion!