18 Weeks Training Program for the 1st Marathon

18 Weeks Training Program for the 1st Marathon
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Full Marathon has been on my bucket list since I completed a virtual half marathon in 2020. The half marathon also was my first of its kind. I was getting crazy being stuck in the small one-room in Tokyo all day. So as a way to concentrate on something outside work, I decided to sign up for a half marathon, which was in my bucket list at that time. The half marathon I could find was a virtual one considering all the events were being cancelled back then.

Anyways, I decided to use running as another way to make another breakthrough in life. This time, I have signed up for a full marathon. Yes, it is another crazy idea as I have not been running, but only performing weight training 3-4 times a week with 15 - 60 min light walking on other days. The reason that I signed up was due to a friend of mine (who is extremely fit enough to complete a Olympic triathlon), asking me if I want to run with him at the full marathon later this year. Knowing I need a person who will be accountable for my training, especially when it comes to full marathon that I have been too afraid and underprepared to sign up for. So this was the chance I thought. To cross full marathon off from my bucket list. And I signed up.

I am still on my journey, preparing for the full marathon. This was week 6 of the program that I am following - you can find the link to the program below. So far, I am happy with the progress I am making in terms of cardiovascular strength. Every week, I become more comfortable running 5km and my breathing pace is more stablised for longer. The long runs at the end of the week is still extremely challenging every time. It fears me to look at the distance increasing each week, but what have I got to lose? Just focus on completing the distance each day and with constant practice, I will get better at it.

Novice 1 Marathon Training Program | Hal Higdon
The Novice 1 Marathon Program is the most popular of all my marathon training programs and, arguably, the most popular training program used by first marathoners anywhere.

I will not give up. I will do my best until the very end, picturing myself smiling with joy passing through the finish line on the marathon day!

The marathon I signed up for is "Mt.Fuji International Marathon 2022" that will be held 27th Nov, 2022. I hope the weather will be nice to see a beautiful view of Mt.Fuji during our run.


All participants will receive below t-shirt.

And only those who finish the marathon within 6 hours will get below medal & towel. I want the medal! If you collect 5, meaning if you participate in the marathon 5 times, the medals placed next to each other will form a shape that resemble Mt.Fuji.